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Coleford The Forest of Dean Entrepreneurs run a variety of events focused on providing information to potential start-up businesses. The range includes:

  • open workshops;
  • specialist training courses;
  • presentations celebrating the success of participants;
  • general networking; and
  • individual mentoring

How do I get support?

To find out more, first contact the project co-ordinator Yisselda West who can discuss with you how far you have got in thinking about self-employment, and what kind of advice you think you need. Either use the form to arrange a suitable time or call him on 07903 472744 / 01594 829443. Please do leave a message if she is unable to answer your call straight away.

Training courses

Once you have decided to go ahead with a new business idea or develop an existing one, you will need to think in more detail about finance, marketing, and all the other elements that go to make up a business plan. This can also include find about new marketing methods such as social media – follow this link for further details of forthcoming courses.


Sometimes you may feel the need to just talk your ideas through with someone else. We have a number of experience business “mentors” who offer a free chat – not to tell you what the answers are, but to help you explore the answers for yourself.


As well as meeting other local entrepreneurs through the training courses, you can keep in touch by providing links and information through this website. You can also find links to a range of further support provided locally. These are typically held every month at venues around the Forest of Dean. Annually we hold the Forest of Dean Enterprise Fair in Global Entrepreneurship Week in November.


Yisselda West
Project Coordinator
Phone 07903 472744 / 01594 829443