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Entrepreneurs Alumni, being passionate about your business

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EventsA dozen entrepreneurs attended a networking evening at Cinderford Rugby Club organised by Forest of Dean Entrepreneurs on 18th September as part of the Entrepreneurs Alumni bi-monthly events.

The main speaker was Kim O’Rourke of Merrie Marketing Ltd, who gave a number of tips about being passionate about your business.

Questions of Passion?

  • Spiritual energy comes from how you feel about your business
  • What is your unique selling point?
  • What do people see in you?
  • Why are you in business?
  • What is your support? (Need a budget if aiming for the skies, it doesn’t happen overnight)
  • If your business is for a different kind of person than yourself, it won’t/might not work.

This leads into being comfortable about what you charge. People are happy to pay for quality – if you know what difference you make to people’s lives, charging becomes more comfortable.

Respect money, or it goes away (same as people!).

Who is it that you want to be working for or with? Does your business make you leap out of bed in the morning?

Ask what difference can I make / what is the problem I can solve for people, then tighten that to a singular message.

Marketing is reaching out

There are four steps to take:

  1. Literally reach out to people (oxytocin is a bonding hormone released by contact – but do it from genuine feeling)
  2. Talk to them
  3. Listen to them
  4. Thank them

Marketing is about identifying what your customers want and giving it to them profitably (always measure and test it).

You may need to send the message 8 times before people respond – be persistent. Persistence isn’t the same as pestering!

When promoting what you do, always talk as if to one person.

Kim gave attendees a practical handout helping them to describe their perfect client, and also 15 top tips for a passionate business!

Practice makes perfect

The evening ended with refreshments, and active networking during which the entrepreneurs shared their recent business experiences.

The next Entrepreneurs Alumni networking event will be on Wednesday 12th November.

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