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Forest Enterprise Fair Featuring Skills to Go

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Skills to GoThe build up to the Forest of Dean Enterprise Fair on 16th November 2015 starting from midday has begun.

The Forest of Dean Entrepreneurs Fair Steering Group have begun offering the stalls to exhibitors who supported the Fair in 2014 and 2013, before they open the opportunity to all.

With some 27 spaces and only 11 weeks to the Forest Enterprise Fair, we have decided that we need to begin showcasing the stall-holders and seminar speakers by asking them a series of questions. And where better to begin than a well-known business, who will shortly be launching a new brand.

Who are you?

Business Skills Studio LogoName: Miranda Jenkins

Name of Business: Skills to Go and soon launching Business Skills Studio

New website for Business Skills Studio launching at the end of September.

Business Motivation

1. What did you do before your current business?
I was balancing being a mother to two small boys with working part-time as a skills advisor for Business Link (a national business support service that eventually ceased about 4 years ago)

2. What made you start your current business?
I loved the idea of designing and delivering my own training whilst having the flexibility to juggle work around my children. I’ve always loved learning and when I was a child I thought I might be a teacher ‘when I grew up’. Well, I ended up not quite a teacher, but a trainer instead 😉

3. What do you most enjoy about your business?
The people I work with. Seeing my clients and their businesses blossom is fabulous and really inspiring. Being able to make a positive difference to people’s lives and work is the reason that I get out of bed every day.

4. If you had a magic wand what would you change about your business?
I would love a team to help me implement all the exciting ideas that I have, but which I don’t have time to get around to. Sometimes I just wish I could swivel my desk chair around and ask someone, ‘am I doing the right thing?’. If I do that now, I end up talking to a blank wall! It would be nice to have someone sitting there to say ‘go on you can do it’ sometimes 😉

Sharing business tips

5. Do have any useful tips or ideas that you could share?
Never, ever, ever stop challenging yourself to learn new skills. I wouldn’t have a business if I had stopped learning. Embracing new ideas and approaches & learning to adapt & change is the only way to survive. Look at the dinosaurs…

6. Finally what will you be focusing on and talking about in your Forest Enterprise Fair Stand/seminar?
Starting a business can be an incredibly exciting time! I also know that people get bogged down worrying about things that won’t determine whether a new business will be successful or not. My seminar will focus on the important things for entrepreneurs to work on that will sky-rocket a new business to success, without draining all their time and money.

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