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Forest Enterprise Fair Featuring Speech House Hotel

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Speech House Hotel logoOnly two Forest Enterprise Fair Features left before the day itself. So today a chance to understand a bit about the business which is the venue- the Speech House Hotel.

Who are you?

Name: Peter Hands

Name of your business: The Speech House Hotel

Website address:

Business Motivation

1. What did you do before your current business?
Hotels for 30+ Years, prior to that Armed Forces and Police.

2. What made you start your current business?
My wife was the first Female Manager appointed by Crest Hotels and on getting married we bought our first hotel. I re-trained with the HCTB after leaving the police.

3. What do you most enjoy about your business?
Seeing it grow and flourish whilst providing a high level of service to the customer. Also employing young members of staff and helping them develop into professional adults. Meeting people and playing a part in the local community.

4. If you had a magic wand what would you change about your business?
Get better Broadband for the Speech House Hotel!

Develop the fabric of this wonderful historic building and add more facilities for the customer. Increase the business so as to be able to employ more local people and offer more apprenticeships and develop their skills.

Useful Business Tips

5. Do you have any useful tips or ideas that you could share?

  • When starting a business try and stick to what you know best. Do your research. In the hotel and leisure industry too many people see “Roses over the door” and do not understand how the industry works and what it entails.
  • Always seek advice, never be afraid to ask other established successful businesses for help.
  • Develop a team that can support you with their diverse skills and talents.
  • Know your potential client base and set your business in a good location.
  • Never ask employees to do something you would not do yourself.
  • Finally, keep a close watch on the financial elements of the business and ensure you have check & balance systems in place.

The Forest of Dean Entrepreneurs with Peter and the rest of his team look forward to welcoming you to the Forest Enterprise Fair at the Speech House Hotel on Monday.

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