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Forest Enterprise Fair Featuring Trusted Tradesmen

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With just over a fortnight to go until the Forest Enterprise Fair on 16th November, we feature another of our event sponsors Trusted Tradesmen. They generously also give us 4 business tips on our last question! A sub-conscious under-promise and over-deliver tip perhaps?

Are you coming to the Fair?

Now is a good time to start thinking about when you might visit the Fair. It starts at 12.30 and finishes at 8.00. We know some will come for all three seminars and spend the day. Others will attend no workshops and just pop in to chat. In between are those who come for the seminar of most immediate use to their business and a quick chat either side. All approaches are fine.

No formal pre-booking is required to attend. It would help us if you are coming, to tweet you are, including #ForestEnterpriseFair or to comment and share one of our posts on our facebook page . Why because this also helps promote the event and encourages even more people to come to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week in the Forest of Dean.

Who are you

Names: Gary Melville and Chrissie Driessen (partner)

Name of your business: Trusted Tradesmen

Website address:

Business motivation

1. What did you do before your current business?
I spent 22 years working in sales and management
2. What made you start your current business?
I wanted to do something that was entirely different
3. What do you most enjoy about your business?
Sense of pride in doing a good job and seeing a finished job
4. If you had a magic wand what would you change about your business?

I would love to be able to generate more leads

Useful business tips

5. Do you have any useful tips or ideas that you could share?

  • Always be on time
  • Never say you can do something you can’t
  • Be polite
  • Make the client aware that their business is important to you

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