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Introducing Borderlands Outdoor: Training and Adventure

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At Borderlands Outdoor we’re fortunate enough to work with a staggeringly diverse range of people through the eclectic mix of courses and services we provide. I believe that the services we provide add value to any business, no matter how large or small.

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First Aid Training

All businesses have a duty to undertake a ‘first aid needs assessment’, which might identify a requirement for trained first aiders within the organisation. That’s the legal stance. I see things a little bit simpler than that: if I had a major accident, I’d like to think someone nearby would know what to do to help me until an ambulance arrived, regardless of whether I was in work or not: that’s where our training comes in.
We began by blending our first aid and outdoor activity backgrounds to provide specialised outdoor first aid courses for people operating in remote environments, before diversifying into general workplace first aid training. We operate through the nationally accredited awarding body ITC First Aid and provide regulated qualifications including Emergency First Aid at Work, Outdoor First Aid and Paediatric First Aid.
The costs to business of training staff in first aid can be astronomical. In addition to working days lost, a one day course with some providers can cost in excess of £150 per person. I believe it’s in everyone’s interests to keep costs at a level that makes it affordable to train more than the bare minimum numbers required.

Team Development Activities

Team development covers a broad range of activities that might benefit your business. At its simplest it might be a fun activity designed to help your staff to bond more effectively. Taking things up a notch or two, you could be looking for a way to help people to communicate more effectively and problem-solve in a collaborative manner. Whatever stumbling blocks your team faces, there’s probably an innovative solution to help overcome them.

Our experience is that adventurous activities and outdoor initiative exercises tend to work well in achieving all of these goals. Many people are taken outside their comfort zone, placing everyone on a level playing field regardless of their job or experience. The unfamiliarity of the activities is helpful too, but the real value of team development activities comes from the active facilitation and reviewing skills of the trainer.
It can take a while, but I love the moments when I see team members finally beginning to listen to one another and collaborate instead of focussing on their own needs.

Why do we do it?

I feel privileged to call the great outdoors my office for much of the time. I get to work with interesting people from all sorts of backgrounds and I see clients walk away from courses feeling confident and more able to deal with the challenges of the workplace and beyond.
Personal and professional development is something we should strive for continuously. At Borderlands, it’s what we do every day.

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