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Plan for Success

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Belfry Hotel Littledean Plan for success venueA dozen entrepreneurs gathered at The Belfry Inn, Littledean on the evening of Thursday 28th January to look at our plan for success for the New Year of 2016.

The advice we gave ourselves included:

  • Fears of what might go wrong can escalate, with a negative result
  • Be positive – learn from experience, and fix things – don’t repeat mistakes
  • Changing tack doesn’t mean failure, but shows learning
  • “Failure” gives us an opportunity to learn

Practical steps can include:

  • We know self-employment can feel isolated, so we’re not always good at asking for help – but get support from colleagues through networking
  • You can post a list – “HELP – these are the things we need to do” on Facebook / website / premises, rather than try to do it all yourself
  • Research ways forward, then “suck it and see” – if it doesn’t work, try something else
  • When things are going bad, remember why you started – and what you want to achieve

And also remember:

  • Avoid the “nay-sayers”, people who run your plan down!
  • The why of self-employment – better life for same money? – and stick to it
  • Keep a passion for what you do, even if it’s just a hobby that develops

There are some dangers to avoid:

  • Employment can feel scarier when you’re working for yourself, but passion can lead to poor pay – don’t be guilty of doing things for free
  • The right image and right price mean better business
  • You can compromise just to pay the rent – danger. Value your business and also yourself, work out what you need to charge

Be careful of others’ business relationships, but success can breed success

Keep an eye open for opportunities – spot the chances to expand

Look ahead – plan for success – and don’t forget, what if it all works!

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