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Building Business Basics, Social Media

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For a new start-up social media is one of the cheapest forms of marketing. It enables you to get your message out and also hear what others think through polls, discussions, groups and trends. Social media enables multiple conversations with referrers, supporters, targets, prospects and clients. Its cost is time to build your connections and […]

Markets and start-up marketing basics

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Any new business needs a market; but what does this mean? And if that new business can’t define its market; how does it undertake any start-up marketing effectively? How do I know I have a market? There is a boring technical answer to this essential question, but if you pick the bits apart it makes […]

Business Plan for Success

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Whatever your start-up, you need to business plan to succeed. What success means is up to you to define. But having a plan is a necessity. Yet most people shudder at the thought of a business plan as in their mind’s eye they see a weighty document full of graphs, charts and technical stuff. This business […]