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Use of Photography in Business

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Our October Meet and Learn event focused on using photographs in your business. Every industry, no matter what is being sold or who the customers are, can benefit from good quality, professional photography. Photography is an important asset that will contribute to the overall success of any business.

Whatever the words say on your web pages, do your pictures say ‘That will do’? It’s often thought that stock libraries, free ones, can be used or people say, I know someone in the office who has a camera, we’ll get them to do it!! And another one is … I’ll use my phone!!!

Now, with this last one. It’s not the phone that is the issue (the first digital camera had a smaller chip size then today’s mobile phones) it is the way its used. It has its limitations. In the right hands it can be a very useful tool.

A good image can show your clients & customers what you have to offer rather than them having to read an essay to find out. Time is of the essence – with everyone’s attention span dropping by the day. Great photographs have a huge impact and influence the viewer’s decision, known to be made with in the first 10-20 seconds, whether to immediately move on or stay and explore your website further. People are visual things and tend to look first and ask questions later

Our speakers at the October Meet & Learn event were brother and sister business partners Andrew and Steph from Molyneux Associates – Industry and Corporate photographers with an international reputation.

Staff profiles with quality images that have consistent lighting and resolution, instead of a variety of poor-quality selfies, convey a message of honesty and help build your brand identity; combine these with striking images and videos of your location, workspace and products across brochures, website and leaflets to tell a story that links together the whole marketing message and effectively reaches the people you want to reach.

Video is becoming more accessible and can provide important visual content for businesses. This, like a good photograph, will keep peoples’ attention but only as long as it’s engaging. The content and style and who it is aimed at needs to be thought about carefully and it should sit with your still imagery in terms of the style and approach.

Don’t bore people… a video should be eye catching, stimulating and make the viewer want to carry on watching.

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