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Using Social Media to Market your Business

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Did you know that people need to see something over ten times before they buy it?


That’s on average, of course, but it shows we need a balanced approach to marketing, not just one big hit. Social media can help educate potential customers and develop our “brand” by providing useful information, showing expertise and the benefits of the service we offer, rather than a hard sell. That was one of the many messages from Rob Phillips a partner in Empower Marketing.


Rob reminded us that our customers are often not like us!  They view things differently, and increasingly are asking more questions in their Google searches rather than using just one keyword – so Google in return are paying more attention to the headings in our marketing text rather than meta tags or keywords.  We should be asking what would my customer type in when searching the Internet, and why?


This also means our branding needs to be consistent across all our marketing efforts. And in terms of social media, there’s a rule of thirds in what we broadcast:


  1. Promote our business
  2. Share industry information / other content (for free)
  3. Engage with people online


Engaging with potential customers means committing time, and so we need to review the many forms of social media available to choose the right one for our business. Overtime you can generate a following and also drive traffic to your website. Social media allows you to repeatedly put information and your band in front of your followers in the form of text, images, sound and video.


Copies of Rob’s full presentation are available on request, and to find out more about Mitcheldean-based Empower Marketing you can visit:


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